Sailing in India can be traced back to the first recorded race being sailed on 06 Feb 1830 in Bombay (now Mumbai).Till the time the British left India after the Second World War, the five active sailing clubs were based at Bombay, Madras, Bangalore, Barrackpore and Nainital.The Yachting Association of India was formally constituted on 15 May 1960 and was registered under the Societies Registration Act XXVI of 1961 on the 22 December 1964 at Calcutta, West Bengal.The YAI is affiliated to the International Sailing Federation (ISAF), which is recognised by the

International Olympic Committee (IOC) as the governing authority for sailing world wide.

The YAI is also officially recognised by the Indian Olympic Association and the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India as the governing authority for sailing, windsurfing, motor boating, powerboat racing and personal watercraft, at sea and on inland waters in India. As such the YAI is responsible for promoting the sport in the country, developing and training of judges, umpires and other administrators of the sport and representing the sailors in all matters concerning the sport.
There are currently 09 class associations affiliated to the YAI, ranging from the smallest, the Optimist Dingy to the largest, the J 24 class. There are currently 55 clubs affiliated to the YAI, spread over the various parts of the country.

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